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Balloon Construction Definition

Balloon construction is useful in situations where a vaulted ceiling, tall chimney, or two-story open foyer is desired. You will also have more flexibility in window design. Angled or arched window tops are easier to achieve when using this method. Large or vaulted windows are also more workable with the balloon technique than platform framing.

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Balloon framing might be an outdated method of construction, but thought I would make a video about it for those who are going to be remodeling buildings that used this construction method in the.

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Balloon Frame Construction. The ribbon is typically a piece of 1×6 that runs the length of the wall and is used to rest the joists on while they are being installed. Once the floor joists are installed, the floor can be laid and the ceiling joists are installed on top of the rafter plate. When the wall framing is complete the roof framing and wall sheathing begins.

This article focuses on balloon-frame construction. BALLOON-FRAME CONSTRUCTION The term "balloon frame" was derived because people said it was as light as.

Definition of balloon frame. 1 : a frame for a building constructed of small members nailed together instead of heavy timbers joined by mortises and tenons – compare braced frame. 2: construction utilizing the balloon frame.

In a balloon-frame construction the studs (vertical timbers) continue all tte way through the stories (floors). The joists (floor beams) rest on.