Get ready to embark upon a great journey as you make your way around St Louis, Missouri. Have you already decided on some of the places you’re going to visit? Hopefully the four top attractions mentioned here will fit in line with what you’re wanting to do. Plan on stopping by these top four popular places of interest as you travel River City.

Wait, did you know that St Louis is also nicknamed River City? It is usually called by its other nicknames, but one of them is indeed River City, just like Jacksonville FL. Let’s get to looking at those places of interest. The first one is The Muny, a theater located at 200 Forest Park.

The Muny is a great place to catch all kinds of great shows. People even talk about getting free seats, but you have to show up early and wait in line for that. The Muny is a terrific venue, and you can also take the tour when you visit. If all of the above sounds like a plan, then you need to look into the event schedule ahead of time.

The Saint Louis Art Museum is located at 1 Fine Arts Drive, and it is a really cool place according to reviewers. The Sunken Cities exhibit is mentioned, and that sounds really unique. People say there are tons of artifacts on display at this museum. There is also a great on-site cafe if you want to double up and enjoy lunch or dinner as you and your family also browse the museum.

Grant’s Farm is located on Gravois Road. People say that this place is great for families. While the admission is free, reviews point to the fact that you do have to pay for parking. You get to see, pet and feed animals, and that sounds like a lot of fun. There is a restaurant there for you to grab a bite to eat, and people mention there is a reptile show, too. And when you need to get around, there is a tram ride.

Enjoy those top St Louis attractions and make vacation memories that last a lifetime. You are going to have wonderful experiences as you pick and choose the places of interest that you and your family want to see. St Louis is full of exciting things to do, so you are sure to have quite the adventurous vacation.